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AIM Guy – Watch Out!

While creating Kazoo 2: The Rescue, we thought about adding a boss character, but ultimately decided that was not in the spirit of the game. The idea is to evoke nostalgia of arcade games from the 70s/80s where you just grind for hours trying to get the highest score possible.

Upon recommendation from a beta tester, we decided to add some enemy variety to the onslaught of CDs and floppy disks, and in came the AIM Guy and his death ray.

Originally, the idea was just short bursts of AIM Guy’s laser from anywhere on the screen and high HP, so you couldn’t just blast him in one shot. Well, it morphed into AIM Guy slowly stalking the kazoo ship and when he gets close enough, it triggers the laser beam, then he backs off to reset.

What casual players don’t realize is that the death ray will annihilate you if you are too close to him. Meaning, if he can’t back off, his laser beam will continue frying you. So, stay on the left side of the screen when he comes knockin’ and shoot him fast.

But wait, there is another way… If you have the shield power up, you can just go up and touch him. One touch from the kazoo ship will kill him instantly as long as you are protected by the shield.