• It’s Hard Out There
    On the Kazoo 2: The Rescue Settings screen, you have the option to change the difficulty settings on the left. You also see the explanation of the keyboard controls on the right. You can also use a game controller as the button mappings are standard for games of this kind. The difficulty settings break down like this: Am I Getting Paid For This? The […]
  • AIM Guy – Watch Out!
    While creating Kazoo 2: The Rescue, we thought about adding a boss character, but ultimately decided that was not in the spirit of the game. The idea is to evoke nostalgia of arcade games from the 70s/80s where you just grind for hours trying to get the highest score possible. Upon recommendation from a beta tester, we decided to add some enemy variety to […]
  • Kazoo 2 Demo Videos
    See Oldest Son play Kazoo 2: The Rescue (and die a lot). Also, there is a video that shows what happens when you enter the cheat code (beware of Spoilers).
  • Coming Soon
    The Kazoo will be back. Check out this game demo here: New and improved Kazoo 2 action