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It’s Hard Out There

Kazoo 2 Settings screen?

On the Kazoo 2: The Rescue Settings screen, you have the option to change the difficulty settings on the left. You also see the explanation of the keyboard controls on the right. You can also use a game controller as the button mappings are standard for games of this kind.

The difficulty settings break down like this:

  • Am I Getting Paid For This?
    The easiest we can make it. The kazoo ship has greater maneuverability and the basic enemies (discs and floppies) have one hit point.
  • What Is Normal?
    The default setting and the age-old question. The kazoo ship has a little drag when maneuvering and the basic enemies have two hit points.
  • Adri Is Over!
    This is as hard as it gets. It can’t get any harder. The kazoo ship is a little bit more sluggish to move than in normal and the basic enemies require three shots to kill.

You may notice something in the center of the Settings screenshot above. It is obscured for a reason. I cannot divulge too much, but I will say that it may be possible to enter a notorious code to enable… I’ve said too much. Abort! Abort!